Chris Finke is a web blogger and a Wyoming native. Several years ago, he published a blog titled "Fun Facts About Wyoming".

While none of these "fun facts" are technically true, many of them are funny. Here's ten of our favorites:

1. Did you know that Wyoming is the #1 exporter of “Montana Sucks” refrigerator magnets?

2. Wyoming is the only state with the constitutional right to egg Colorado.

3. The Wyoming governor is legally obligated to pose with you for a picture if you ask politely.

4. Wyoming was briefly owned by Canada for a time in 1973 during the ill fated “Foreign-Exchange Territory” program. (We traded it for the Yukon.)

5. License plates are optional in Wyoming. Trailer hitches, however, are not.

6. Wyoming was originally going to be named West Dakota.

7. Residents of Wyoming are 14% more likely to have tried beef jerky than the average American.

8. Wyoming residents are known as “Yom-ers.”

9. Yellowstone National Park was originally contained entirely in Wyoming. The reason it now lies partially in Montana and Idaho is because it is slowly trying to escape.

10. Wyoming has more bronco-related festivals than any other state.

While the authenticity of those so-called "facts" remains in doubt, here's one that's actually true.

Wyoming is tied with New York and New Jersey for most y’s in its name.

You learn something new every day.