Okay, so, remember when music videos were just starting to crop up?  Remember how after a while, you had this standard kind of format and obligatory explosions, or wistfully, sighing artists?  Well, Taylor Swift doesn't do ANY of that in her latest video.

What she DOES have are some really nice video captures from her own concerts.  She doesn't tell a story from the song, "Sparks Fly";  she tells a story about her performing the tune and interacting with the most important people in the world, really....the fans.

Now, there are some (who shall remain nameless) who have made the point that the live concert footage from her "Speak Now" tour didn't require any more effort than she would have expended anyway.  In other words, she was singing anyway, why not just film it?
Well, Taylor is an amazing marketer, and believe me, you get your money's worth when she's live.  She really pours on the performance, the stage sets and some really nice costume changes.  There's also an epic scene in the rain at one of her venues that's worth the whole video.

I know, I sound like a total Taylor Swift homer here.  And to be honest with you, I was always a little leery of a "pop princess" getting into country as deeply as she has.  But the girl has talent and she can flat-out sing.  And to be honest, she's kinda grown on me. 

This video is a very nice effort and adds a lot to the song.  It's theatrical and frankly takes an opportunity to show a beautiful woman performing for adoring crowds.  I mean, what's wrong with that?

Nothin'.  Enjoy the video and count on this one going right to the tops on the charts.

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