By now, you should know that a home show like never before is coming to Laramie this weekend. The 19th Annual Albany County Home Show will be happening this weekend at the Albany County Fairgrounds showcasing numerous businesses and organizations, and providing you tremendous resources for home improvement, gardening tips, financial advice and more. You can even win $20,000 towards a new car from McCarty Motors. You can logically come up with a few good reasons to stop by the home show this weekend, and thankfully for your reading enjoyment, I can too…

Unlike most top 5 or top 10 lists we make here, this won’t be an in-depth look at each reason, they should all be pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy:

  1. The Laramie wind makes you fearful that your house will follow a similar fate to Auntie Em’s house in the Wizard of Oz.
  2. Your house has so many leaks, when you go to bed, it feels less like rest and more like water torture.
  3. Shortcomings in your kitchen appliances have forced you to build a permanent campfire on your kitchen floor.
  4. Your front door is not so much a door, as it is a curtain of beads.
  5. Home “maintenance” on your broken windows have led your neighbors to believe that your house is abandoned.
  6. Moving into a tent sounds like a step up from your current situation.
  7. Moving to Nebraska sounds like a step up from your current situation.
  8. Moving into a tent in Nebraska sounds like a step  up from your current situation.
  9. You groan whenever you hear the words “home loan.” (So what if it rhymes, it’s still kind of funny.)
  10. A malfunction in your dishwasher has turned your kitchen into a bubble bath.
  11. You don’t have a balcony inside your home, yet you can still somehow see your first floor from your top floor.
  12. Any nighttime activity in your home must be conducted by candlelight due to your troublesome “electrical system.”
  13. Thanks to the wind, your screen door was last seen passing an 18-wheeler near Buford.
  14. You can win $20,000 towards a new car from McCarty Motors. (This one’s serious.)
  15. Free signed glossy 8″x 10″ headshots of all KOWB/KCGY employees. (Not really, but this would be hilarious).

Hopefully these are sufficient reasons to get you over to Laramie’s fairgrounds this weekend for the 19th Annual Albany County Home Show. For more information about the home show, keep listening to our stations over the next few days, check out our previous story with all the details, call 307-745-4888, or you can just stop by the home show- it’s free, and it is guaranteed to be a good time.