With regards to our changing times and the legalization of marijuana becoming more popular across America, are we ready for this? Here is the first advertising to be accepted by a TV station.

Cigarettes cannot be advertised on TV any longer, but alcohol can. Lawyers didn't used to be able to advertise, but now they do. There's one chasing that ambulance.... Adult bookstores, i.e. porn shops, paraphernalia stores and strip clubs are advertising on television where once there were standards to prevent that.

Now, marijuana, currently legal in two states, is being advertised in what is turning out to be a very lucrative industry. But I trust the industry will police itself. They would never put profit over people and the well being of some of the more impressionable young people in the audience, allowing them to be influenced by slick advertising. Right?

While there is seemingly a constant bombardment of images and scenarios to make their products 'cool,' is anyone being responsible? We love exercising our rights and freedoms, how about exercising our responsibilities....?

More than 40% of children born in the US are out of wedlock. The stats on education (or lack of it), STDs, violence, imprisonment, hate crimes, intolerance and other societal ills seemingly keep getting worse. Would you watch a program or station that advertised marijuana? Would you even feel guilty? Would it matter if people did boycott a show or station for letting them advertise? Only if enough did, and I doubt that would happen.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. But one more thing, watch the other recommendations YouTube throws up at the end of this commercial....