The Primary Election is tomorrow, August 19. Following is a list of those candidates who have filed for the 2014 election.

We have provided links to candidate websites when available. In addition, some candidates spoke to us about their bids for office, and links to those articles are included.

For the election guide prepared by the League of Women Voters of Laramie, click here.

We do not support or oppose any candidates in the election.


National and Statewide Offices

      United States Senator:

Republican          Arthur Bruce Clifton

Republican          Bryan E. Miller

Republican          James ‘Coaltrain’ Gregory

Republican          Mike Enzi

Republican          Thomas Bleming

Democratic         Al Hamburg

Democratic         Charlie Hardy

Democratic         Rex Wilde

Democratic         William Bryk

      United Stated Representative

Republican          Cynthia Lummis

Republican          Jason Adam Senteney

Democratic         Richard Grayson


Republican          Cindy Hill

Republican          Matt Mead

Republican          Taylor H. Haynes

Democratic         Pete Gosar

      Secretary of State

Republican          Clark Stith

Republican          Ed Buchanan  

Republican          Ed Murray KOWB article here.

Republican          Pete Illoway KOWB article here.

      State Auditor

Republican          Cynthia I. Cloud

      State Treasurer

Republican          Mark Gordon

Republican          Ron Redo

      Superintendent of Public Instruction

Republican          Bill Winney KOWB article here.

Republican          Jillian Balow KOWB article here.

Republican          Sheryl Lain

Democratic         Mike Ceballos

      State Senator 9

Democratic         Chris Rothfuss

      State Senator 11

Republican          Larry Hicks

      State Representative 13

Democratic         Cathy Connolly

      State Representative 14

Republican          Kermit C. Brown

      State Representative 45

Republican          Charles (C.J.) Young

Democratic         Charles F. Pelkey

      State Representative 46

Republican          Glenn Moniz

Democratic         Mike Selmer

      State Representative 47

Republican          Jerry Paxton

Republican          Julie McCallister


Albany County and City Offices

      County Commissioner

Republican          Jon K. Essley

Republican          Jerry M. Kennedy

Republican          Ray McElwee 

Republican          Mike Osterman

Republican          Heber Richardson

Democratic         Tim Chesnut

Democratic         Pat Gabriel

Democratic         Gary Wilken

      County Coroner

Democratic         Jennifer Graham

Democratic         Jesse L. Taylor

      County Attorney             

Republican          James P. “Jim” Schermetzler

Republican          Joshua J. Merseal   

Democratic         Tony S. Lopez

Democratic         Peggy A. Trent

      County Sheriff

Democratic         Dave O’Malley

      County Clerk

Democratic         Jackie R. Gonzales

      County Treasurer

Democratic         Linda Simpson

      County Assessor

Republican          Dana Brewer

Democratic         Grant C. Showacre

      Clerk of the District Court

Republican          Janice Sexton

Democratic         Tony Mendoza

      Laramie City Council Ward 1

Andrea “Andi” Summerville

      Laramie City Council Ward 2

Oscar Lilley

Dave Paulekas

      Laramie City Council Ward 3

Bern Haggerty

Klaus Hanson

Lee Kempert

Karl McCraken

Bryan Shuster