When you think about the expression, "power couple" you really can't get a better example than Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  They sing.  They dance.  They act...well at least Tim does.  And now, they've turned that star power to putting out a new fragrance.

They're set to release Soul2Soul In February (probably early enough to make it a great Valentine's day gift).  The scent is priced pretty reasonably, at about 18 dollars.

The Soul2Soul name comes from the fact that there will be a scent for guys and one for the ladies.  The couple has already had success in the past with perfumes.

It seems like everyone and their dog is bringing out a fragrance.  Tim and Faith are joined in the market by such country stars as Shania Twain, Taylor Swift and even Keith Urban(representin' for the guys).

Here's a quote from Tim's comments from the Women's Wear Daily website.  "With music, you sort of figure out what you want to say and what kind of an emotion you want to inspire, and I guess that's probably the way in which [music and fragrances are] most alike," McGraw said.  "What emotion are you trying to inspire here? How do you want this song to make you feel? It's the same way with creating a scent. It's all about emotions."

So, we know the Mcgraws are teaming up on fragrances.  Thre are also rumors out there saying the power couple could be working on some musical projects as well.  Once again, look for the roll-out of Soul2Soul sometime in February, 2012.

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