The construction at 30th and Grand is moving along on its projected timeline according to Resident Engineer Scott Taylor. With the pace maintained so far, it should wrap up by its original completion date of June 15.

Taylor says the new water lines have already been placed and are currently in operation. Progress is also moving along with the new storm sewer installation.

“We have ran into some utility conflicts that weren’t anticipated while installing this system,” Taylor said. “But I don’t anticipate much for delays to the project due to these conflicts. There are many utilities running through this intersection. These include gas lines, phone lines, fiber optic lines, power lines, water lines and sanitary sewer.”

According to Taylor the new signal foundations have been installed and the electrical work is continuing. Taylor believes curb and gutter placement will begin later this week.

All businesses are open surrounding the intersection and Taylor says there is access at all times. If you don’t need to get to the intersection, just around it, there are two detours available.