If you're a Cheyenne Frontier Days pro, you've probably got this down by now. But, if this is your first time or you're still new to the overall experience, here's some of the most annoying things you'll see at CFD.

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    You might not be able to see the concerts

    Unless you show up early and can deal with getting packed like a sardine in the party zone, or have seats right in front of the stage, viewing is very limited for CFD concerts.

    Cheyenne Frontier Days
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    Parade Traffic

    If you're traveling via vehicle to one of the parades, plan on taking as much time to leave as you do for the parade itself. Pro tip: When you park, plan your escape instead of what's closest to the parade.

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    Expect to walk

    Comfortable footwear is encouraged. Parking can be a nightmare that results in potentially walking a few miles to get to your event. Luckily, Cheyenne won't charge you $50 for parking like places would.

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    Wannabe cowboys

    Western wear shops make a killing during CFD from tourists who want to play cowboy for a week. Pro tip: you don't need boots and a cowboy hat to fit in with the CFD crowd.

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    Intoxicated buffoons

    Some folks handle their alcohol just fine, some don't. A lot of those folks that can't, are at Frontier Days. Expect to get beer spilled on you at least twice.

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