It's been 11 years since Chris LeDoux passed away. We will always remember his music, however.

I have been a Chris LeDoux fan all of my life. Growing up in Wyoming certainly has a lot to do with that, but frankly I think no matter where I grew up I would've loved Chris.

There was something infectious about him. A great song writer, he had no problem being a rocking outlaw or blowing you away with a ballad. I never got the opportunity to see Chris live, but I can watch hours of recorded performances and understand what a great performer he was.

*This, of course, is only one radio DJ's opinion and I'd love to hear yours, but here are my top 5 all-time favorite Chris LeDoux songs!

1. The Ride


2. This Cowboy's Hat

3. Western Skies 

4. Photo Finish 

5. Cadillac Ranch