As you read this post, there are five things I'd like you to keep in mind: 1) You will IMMEDIATELY think of others that are not on it. 2) I completely agree with you. 3) I would love to hear your suggestions. 4) Perhaps we will revisit this subject in the future....and 5) I can't wait. Also, even though there are numbers next to these posts, they are in no particular order as to importance of preference. I don't work well with numbers...I'm in radio.

  • 1

    Wyo Theater

    The thing I like most about this sign is that it combines two of my favorite things: the Great State of Wyoming and movies. This sign has that cool, old school look that really stands out. How many wonderful cinematic memories have been tied to this one? While no longer featuring first-run movies, there are still great movies being shown here, and at terrific prices. I know, I sound like a commercial. But it’s the truth.

    Photo by Saxbee Taylor
  • 2

    UW Sign at 9th and Ivinson

    True, the University of Wyoming sign at 15th and Grand is much bigger and features more landscaping. But this little sign is more iconic. Imagine the thousands and thousands of University of Wyoming students who have walked, and in some cases TRUDGED past this sign. Plus, it’s literally the gateway to campus and deserves mention.

    Photo by Adam Porter
  • 3

    Sinclair Dinosaur

    Located at the Station on Snowy Range Road, this is a personal favorite. When my children were much younger, I would drive them to Linford Elementary. We passed this little dinosaur twice a dayl, five days a week, nine months a year. Plus, he makes me smile. Plus, he kind of represents Wyoming's wealth in oil and gas, reflecting the Sinclair Refinery.

    Photo by Adam Porter
  • 4

    Cowboy Saloon

    Wait. What? A saloon sign being iconic in a small college town? Say it ain’t so. Ha. Just kidding. There sure have been a ton of great live country bands play here. And, once the legal age was reached, the Cowboy Saloon was and is a “must do” event

    Photo by Adam Porter
  • 5

    Skier at Westgate

    I really like this one. He reminds me of Kokopelli. Plus, I always get the impression he’s having a great time. When the winter winds blow, and it seems like Summer was a million years ago, this guy always made me appreciate the wonderful aspects of Winter. Even a mile-and-a-half in the air.

    Photo by Adam Porter