Okay, so the Rockies actually won a couple games to start the year, they aren't fooling anyone. Have you seen that pitching staff?

Best case scenario if you're a Rockies fan is finishing 4th in the NL West instead of last.

But, there are a few reasons I think you should actually visit Coors Field this year...

1. TREVOR STORY  - The home run production will slow down as Trevor faces better pitchers and more film comes out about this guy. But, he may still be a future MLB great, which of course means he'll be traded soon.

2. Rooftop Deck - If you haven't been to the Rooftop Deck at Coors Field yet, I highly recommend it. It's a great spot to check out the Denver skyline, enjoy the sunshine, maybe grab a cold one, and forget there's a terrible game going on below.

3. New food options - Ballpark food has become ridiculous! Gone are the days of the cheap, boring hot dog. Now you can pick a beach comber dog - a hot dog with pineapple, BBQ sauce, and jalapenos. Also new this year is the official Rockies corned beef sandwich.

4. The LoDo experience - Hanging out in Lower Downtown Denver has become a blast. I love the rooftop seating at restaurants, and the friendly atmosphere Coloradans provide is top notch for an MLB stadium.

5. If you root for anyone besides the Rockies - Come cheer on your team in an opposing ballpark. Rockies fans are so tired of their team, instead of talking smack, they'll envy you. Plus, your team will probably win.