After commuting between Laramie and Cheyenne daily for over a year, I have some thoughts on how to make life easier to make the I-80 trek. Despite it being just 45 miles, it can be some of the state's most treacherous terrain.

Here's a few tips for those who commute:

1. Plan A Survival Kit - Don't make this drive unprepared. Pack warm clothes, blankets, and extra food and drink. You never know how long a road closure will turn into without a spot to turn around. I've been stuck for six hours before getting a police escort, and know people that have been stuck for much longer.

2. Winterize Your Vehicle - 4WD is preferred, but at the very least make sure you have good winter tires and a solid windshield wiper that works in below freezing temperatures. Trust me, the wiper fluid can be a life saver.

3. Have A "Getting Stuck" Plan - In the city you don't live in, make sure you have a go-to plan for getting stuck. Have a motel room on standby before they fill up with I-80 motorists, have a friend with a spare room for you. If possible, before accepting a job in a different city, throw in a "road-closure = free hotel" caveat.

4. Bring Plenty Of Listening Options - The Cheyenne to Laramie commute and back is the perfect distance to catch a podcast, listen to a work presentation, or jam to your favorite driving songs. Bring a few backups just in case you get stuck for a while. If you have a "winter driving mix," even better.

5. Know Before You Go -It sounds cliche, but check the road conditions before you leave, scope out the forecast. If it looks like it may be nasty enough to close, it likely will!