Attention out-of-staters, Wyoming folks don't typically anger easily, but here's a few things you'll want to steer clear of while visiting with a Wyomingite.

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    "I don't see why anyone needs a gun"

    If that's your stance, keep your mouth shut in Wyoming. We have one of the lowest crime rates in the country, and the highest rate per capita of gun owners.

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    "Wyoming Should Be More Like Colorado"

    Sure Colorado has a lot to do and we like to visit, but Wyoming is our own state and we're very proud to do our own thing!

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    "I Love Wyoming, I've Been To Jackson Hole"

    First of all, around here it's just Jackson, and secondly we consider it our biggest tourist trap. We're cool with visiting once in a while too, but you should really see more of the state.

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    "I Can Pet The Bison Right?"

    Are you insane!? Don't get close to the wildlife.... uh actually, never mind, go right ahead.

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    "Colorado State Is Way Better Than UW"

    Turn around, and get out of our state. Go Pokes!

    Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media