The Wyolotto's Cowboy Draw is at it's largest jackpot ever this week, $675,000!

Drawings for the Cowboy Draw are every Thursday. If you win this week, here's 5 ways you should spend the money!

  1. Pay off all of your debt/advance pay your bills. - Nothing is more stressful than debt or bills, so ease your mind!
  2. Take a vacation! After you've paid off the important stuff, it's time for fun! Go somewhere warm during the Wyoming winter, or somewhere you've always wanted to see.
  3. Home/Vehicle upgrades -  If you need a vehicle upgrade, $675,000 should do it. Maybe you've always wanted to remodel a room in your house? That would be the time to start working on those dreams.
  4. Snow Removal/Maid Service - If you really want to start feeling luxiours, imagine your housework done for a year, or maybe hire a professional snow removal service for your driveway. Imagine waking up on cold winter mornings in Wyoming and not worrying about getting the snow off your driveway!
  5. Donate! Of course you have to share the wealth! There are so many great organizations around the state and our community to share it with. Pick one or a few and donate...

Bonus: Take a radio DJ to lunch! (PS - I love a good steak... just throwing that our there.)