For the 17th year in a row, Nicole and Shane Sweat have volunteered to drive the residents of Laramie to and from the bars on New Year's Eve. Their altruistic efforts are spawn from tragedy. 20 year ago Cal Ray Candelaria , Nicole's younger brother, lost his life when he rode with someone who didn't have as much to drink as he. Cal thought he was doing the right thing by not driving impaired and avoiding a D.U.I. Unfortunately, Cal  lost his life that night. In order to prevent this tragedy from reoccurring and curtailing  drinking and driving for at least one day, Shane Sweat and his wife Nicole, of A-1 towing volunteer every New Year's Eve to give free rides to anyone in Laramie. Their volunteers are willing to travel anywhere in Laramie to pick up residents and transport them to and from the bar--even house parties.

Shane Sweat Sound bite

Nicole and Shane implore Laramie residents to use their "free service" on New Year's Eve. "Please use and abuse us; that is what we are here for. We will take you anywhere you want to go. For free." To receive a ride from A-1 call (307) 760- 1213

Here is the full interview with Nicole and Shane Sweat.