Dozens of categories for the Grammy awards have been eliminated, and that will surely have an effect on the competitors and the world of recorded music.

A group of musicians and artists are upset with the decision.  They're not only angered by the actions of the directors of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences but now, they've decided to make a statement about the decision, and maybe have an effect on the bottom line.

31 Catagories have been dropped and  the group has retained counsel to see if they can sue CBS, the television network that broadcasts the award show every year. 

Several talents will be effected, including country.  But the group urging the boycott and thinking of taking legal action say they are mostly upset because so many of the catagorie eliminations will unfairly impact ethnic music.

Some have even contended the action may be racist.  Well, I'm not so sure the decision was based on race as much as it was on the number of nominees to choose from, but that's just me.  As a man who really loves music....all  kinds of music...I think I'll be watching this drama with particular attention.

Hopefully it can be resolved and we won't see anyone harmed; not CBS, not the Academy and not the musicians and artists.