More than 100 regional law enforcement officers will participate in active shooter response exercises July 22-24 in the University of Wyoming Classroom Building.

“We want to alert the public to alleviate possible concerns about the training,” says Mike Samp, UW Police chief. He says signs placed on the entries to the Classroom Building and on sandwich boards on the sidewalks will inform the public about the training.

Samp goes on to say that incidents such as Columbine and the Virginia Tech Massacre prompted law enforcement nationwide to develop response protocols to those situations.  Training has evolved over the years to develop new tactics.  "That's what we're trying to give our local law enforcement officers.  A consistent, up-to-date training on the proper response to those situations."

Laramie residents will see increased police activity around the classroom building on the days of the training including uniformed officers.  The building will still be utilized for class purposes during those days, but officers are taking an entire floor of the building for the active shooter training.  Chief Samp says that safety protocols will be in place to ensure public safety during the scenarios.

Further, police in training will be using simunition rounds during the scenarios.  Simunition rounds are non-lethal wax bullets that are regularly used in these trainings.

The UWPD and the Laramie Police Department will lead the training exercises.