Jana Kramer. Ring a bell? How about Alex Dupre? The "One Tree Hill" actress has traded in her Hollywood heels for a pair of country boots. Her newly released single "Why Ya Wanna" is making heads turn. But does the starlet have what it takes to win the hearts of country fans?

GettyImages: Rick Diamond

Kramer debuted her country music interest on an episode of "One Tree Hill" when she sang "Whiskey". Recently, her newest single "Why Ya Wanna" is beginning to get attention on country radio and TV. Since her debut on "One Tree Hill" she seems to have come into her own a little more. She still doesn't seem to have completely solidified her image and is still in the "beginning" of her ability.

 "Why Ya Wanna" is cute and catchy, about a girl who was dumped by a boy and sees him again, the girl has a hard time resisting him and asks, "Why Ya Wanna" make me keep wanting you. The chorus sung in a staccato style is catchy but doesn't demand much attention.

I think we can expect to see more from Jana, her voice has a nice quality to it and doesn't sound like any other female artist on the market right now. Once she comes into her own as a country artist and begins selecting songs that are of a higher quality her country career will undoubtedly take off (that is as long as the silver screen doesn't call her name).