It was 7 years ago, back in 2004, when Alabama decided to hang it up after their Farewell Tour.  Since then, however, they've had their music highlighted in a number one tune from Brad Paisley, and a very nice reception on the national scene.

Now, things may be changing.  The seminal country act was recently interviewed by the Tennessean newspaper in Nashville. And they may want to come back stronger than ever.

"Things rock on some times," lead singer Randy Owen explained.   "I still love to play and sing, and I'm sure the other guys do, too. I know that's our plan, and there's some very exciting things out there. We're thinking very seriously about going out and doing the music."

The creative forces of the band, including Randy, Teddy Gentry and Jeff Cook have always had a big, big influence on the sound and direction of the act.  Randy said that the members are still not sure the exact direction they want the band to go. 

 "I'm sure, like always, we're all three looking for totally different stuff," he jokes. "For me, I want kick [butt] stuff that's present day that's probably going to [tick] off people ... At this point in my life I'm just so happy to be here, I want to be able to turn my guitar up and play some music that really gets down."

That desire for some of that kickin' kind of music might have been influenced by the great guitar work the band and Brad Paisley put together on Old Alabama.

According to reports, Alabama is considering doing as many as 20 shows in 2012.  Now, that's pretty good news if you're a fan.  But the real question remains:  Is there a studio album out there or even under consideration.  Because, a band can do as many shows as they like, but a true comeback means new music and a new album.  That's just the way it is in this crazy business.

So, for what it's worth, Alabama has shows scheduled.  But, then again, so does Def Leppard.  For a look at just what they have planned, check out the schedule  here.

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