A new publication measuring the social, economic and housing conditions in Wyoming counties was recently released by the State of Wyoming, Economic Analysis Division.

The report, named “2012 County Profiles” covers more than 30 topics such as population by age and race, employment and wages by industry, educational attainment, income and poverty, commuting, and land ownership. Each of Wyoming’s 23 counties has a profile detailing these frequently requested statistics.

“The County Profiles provide indispensable information about Wyoming’s people, housing, and economy,” says Dr. Wenlin Liu, Principal Economist with the Economic Analysis Division. “In order for government, businesses and communities to make the most informed decisions possible in areas such as strategic planning, economic development, and grant application, timely and accurate data are essential.”

Here are some highlights for Albany County’s profile from 2012:

The County Profiles provide indispensable information about Wyoming’s people, housing, and economy.
  • 51.9% of Albany County’s population was male and 48.1% female. This compares to the state’s overall percentage of 51.1% male and 48.9% female.
  • People in Albany County ages 20-24 years old accounted for 22.7% of the population. That is considerably higher than the state’s number of 7.4% of the population ages 20-24.
  • 71.1% of Albany County’s population is 44-years-old or younger, compared to 59.5% of the state at younger than 44 years of age.
  • Proportion of the population age 25 and over with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher was 48.1% in Albany County. The highest in the state was in Teton County at 49%, and the lowest was in Converse County at 16.4%. The state average was 24.3%.
  • Median household income was $42,882 in Albany County, compared to $56,573 for Wyoming. The highest median household income was in Sublette County with $79,776. The lowest was in Niobrara County with $39,107.
  • The home ownership rate in Albany County was the lowest in the state at 50.7%. The highest was seen in Lincoln County with 83.2%. The statewide home ownership rate was at 70.3%.
  • The median home value in Albany County was $199,900 compared to the state at $184,400. The highest median home value rate was in Teton County at $692,700. The lowest was in Niobrara County at $122,900.
  • Approximately 490 people who lived in Albany County were commuting to Laramie County for work, compared to just under 300 people commuting from Laramie County to Albany County.
  • Albany County had the highest proportion of passenger cars and trucks accounting for 74.6% of total registered vehicles in Albany County, compared with 56.6% in Sublette County and 67.9% for Wyoming.
  • Percentage of adults with BMI larger than 30 was at 20.5% in Albany County which was lower than Wyoming as a whole at 25.2%.

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