Although he gained imfamy by claiming to have hacked into Mily Cyrus' personal Gmail account, 21 year old Josh Holly has pleaded guilty to other charges.

Holly had boasted that he was the one responsible for stealing and then re-posting provocative pictures of the young star.  However, in court on Monday, he plead guilty to other charges involving credit card fraud and computer hacking.

Court documents reveal that Holly admitted guilt in possessing about 200 stolen credit card numbers and to breaching celebrity MySpace  pages in a scheme that reportedly earned him at least 100 thousand dollars.

Josh Holly, 21, pleaded guilty to possessing about 200 stolen credit card numbers, and to breaching celebrity MySpace pages in a spamming scheme that earned him at least $100,000.

Although he was never charged with hacking Cyrus' account, Holly had bragged about the activity and taunted authorities with challenges that they would never find him.  Well,  turns out he was wrong and they did.  Authorities raided his Murfreesboro, Tennessee apartment in October 2007, at which point authorities found evidence of the cards and spamming scheme.

Holly claimed to have gained access to a Gmail account Cyrus had used  and found images the Hannah Montana actress had purportedly sent to singer Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

Holly claimed that he tried to sell the pictures to and other celebrity outlets, but no one would buy them, given the illegal manner by which he’d obtained them.

The images showed the then-15-year-old Cyrus in a wet T-shirt in the shower, baring her midriff while blowing a kiss to a mirror, and posing seductively in her underwear and bathing suit.

Asked at the time charges were filed against him if he was concerned about the repercussions of his actions, he replied, “There’s no way I can get out of this at all. Not even OJ’s lawyers or Michael Jackson’s lawyers can get me out of this. To be blunt, I was an idiot and I didn’t delete any of my [hard drives]. I never thought they would raid me. They’re going to get full proof evidence of everything that I’ve said I’ve done.”

Holly’s sentencing hearing is set for October 31.