Is the city considering providing single stream recycling to larger apartment complexes in the future? I fully support anyone who wants to recycle, however, when those who don't have access to recycling bins of their own to use others in the neighborhood, it becomes a theft of services. When these folks don't properly break down their boxes or milk jugs and fill it to the brim, it prevents us from using it, especially when it is only picked up every other week.


"The City can provide recycling to multi-family housing, businesses, churches, and schools. However, the City currently only has the ability to provide the same 95 gallon carts that the residential recycle program uses. The city also offers drop off single stream recycling at the Laramie Landfill. City staff have discussed a larger commercial recycling program for the future and is exploring the possibility. Please contact Public Works-Solid Waste for more information at telephone number 307-721-5214."

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