It looks like an Arby’s restaurant is in some hot water this week after a customer in Colorado claimed one of their urinals sprayed scalding steam and burned up his genitals.

Kenneth DeJoie has filed suit against Arby’s Restaurant because he claims that he “was utilizing the urinal in the men’s restroom when it caused a jet of steam to shoot forth from the urinal and burn Mr. DeJoie’s genitals.” PUNKD! Got you! No? It was legit? Oh that sucks.

According to the court affidavit, when he reported the incident, an Arby’s employee replied saying, “we have that bathroom problem again… this happens when the sink in the kitchen is running.” Wow, that’s an awesome trick! We want that in our house.

Although there is no record of Dejoie’s exact injuries, he is seeking damages for negligence, premises liability, loss of consortium, and for the humiliation of having to tell some teenage kid working behind the counter at an Arby’s that he just burned his balls.