My name is Mike Gray; new to the blogging scene but not new to fishing in Southeastern Wyoming.

My idea to do a fishing blog came from two inspirations:  First: I just started working for Andy Hoefer, owner of KOWB and KCGY, and he told me that Curt Gowdy was his business partner of two radio stations.  By the way, the CG in KCGY stands for Curt Gowdy. Secondly: My extreme passion for fishing came from both of my grandfathers.  One grandfather was a southern politician who would hold city meetings in a bass boat while talking about the big one that got away.  My other grandfather was a boat builder and commercial fisherman on the Oregon coast. He even spent time fishing with Zane Grey back in the 30’s on the Northern Umpqua River.

All that history has fueled my passion for the sport of fishing (fly fishing, spin casting and yes even bait fishing). I grew up bass fishing in the South, then a little ocean fishing in the Northwest, and for the past 30 years I have been primarily trout fishing in Wyoming.  My father taught me the art of fly-fishing near his home in Woods Landing. I was surprised and awed the first time I caught a brown trout on a fly I tied.  It was very Zen-like.

As for the fishing blog, I would invite all fishing enthusiasts to share their photos, fishing stories (true or not),  recipes, and advice so we can all learn more and also have a place to just share in this great passion. I will also have some words of wisdom from true professionals, like local fly-fishing guides that have a vast knowledge about fish and fishing gear.

I look forward to hearing about your fishing adventures - the Fishing Report will start April 1st 2010
– Michael Vann Gray - fly fisherman

“Terry backed up and did a swan dive into the water and was swimming after the fish and the rod. It's the only time I ever saw a fish catch a man.” - Curt Gowdy