Officials say arrest numbers over Jubilee Days were lower than last year’s.

Police Chief Dale Stalder says the weekend of Jubilee Days is always a busy one for his staff, but he feels they did a great job of enforcing the law and keeping everyone safe.

“It’s a pretty busy weekend. It takes a lot of staff and time over those three days,” says Stalder.

He says that total calls into the department were considerably lower this year with 60 less calls than on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Jubilee Days in 2013.

Total arrests were down as well with only 20 arrests total this year, down from 28 arrests last year.

In addition, underage consumption arrests were dramatically reduced with only two arrests compared to last year’s nine. Stalder says one thing that may have helped this was officers checking IDs at the Jubilee Days beer tent. He says this could easily have deterred underage individuals from attempting to purchase alcohol.

The only number that was not reduced during the three days was that of driving under the influence arrests. Last year there were nine DUI arrests over Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Jubilee Days. This year, however ten arrests were made for DUI.

Stalder says that this number is comparable to that of last year, and he feels the increased number is more due to good enforcement as opposed to increased risk activity.

Laramie Jubilee Days came to an end on Sunday, July 13.