What is the intention of the new striping northbound from 30th and grand? This was initially painted as two lanes (one for those coming from the right turn lane of westbound grand) which merged to one lane by Joanna Bruner. Recently it was repainted to a very confusing ambiguous design. It now appears to be a parking lane and a bike lane. However, there is no taper from the corner to direct those turning north resulting in a dangerous situation. Furthermore, the lanes are crooked and wavy. Please explain the intention and whether it will be made clear in the future.


The intention of the new striping northbound from 30th Street and Grand Avenue is to provide a route for bicycles to take across Grand Avenue on 30th Street.  The short merging area is to provide a consistent situation for bicyclists traveling north in the combined bicycle/merging lane.  It is designed to prevent traffic weaving around a bicyclist as the bicyclist exits the intersection northbound.  
In regards to confusion with the current lanes, markings still need to be painted on the street, and signs still need to be installed.  Once all of the markings are painted and the signs are installed, the design will feel more natural.