Hello I was wondering if there is any future prospect of making a dog park on the east side of the tracks? Undine park would be a prime locale and I know a lot of people who would use it :)


“Within the draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan there are three off leash community dog parks planned.
The dog park standards are detailed on pages 49-50 in the Master Plan. The link to the Master Plan is on the City’s web sited under the Boards and Commission tab or the main page of the Parks and Recreation Department.
The Master Plan has three dog parks identified and currently developed, as listed below:
Optimist Park – separate fenced area for large dogs and small dogs
Laramie Sports Complex (Aragon Softball Fields) –fenced area for large and small dogs
Depot Park – open area (non-fenced) at north side of park off leash area for large and small dogs”