Analysts with say gas prices in Wyoming and around the country are on the rise again.

“The average price in Wyoming increased from about $3.08 to about $3.14 per gallon, while the national average has increased by a very similar amount,” senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said on Monday. “This is coming on the heels of oil prices rising to their highest in several months last week, closing near $100 per barrel.”

DeHaan expects the national average to spike by as much as 50 cents by April or May. He also says poor winter driving in the midwest, northeast and south, though reducing the overall demand for gas, isn't really affecting the price at the pump.

“Unfortunately, we have a rise in oil prices that’s outpacing the rise in demand, so we’re not really noticing any help,” DeHaan said. “It’s mitigating some of the increase, but, nonetheless, the increases are coming on the heels of higher oil prices.”

Gas is selling for as low as $2.95 in Casper, $3.09 in Cheyenne and $3.05 in Laramie. DeHaan says the national average is $3.34.