UPDATE 11/13 - According to Allison Weiss, the band has safely made it back to their homes in California. They want to thank everyone for their help and support. Allison assures us the band will be working on a new album and be coming out this way again (but, maybe in the summer next time.) 

California based musicians Allison Weiss and her band were involved in a crash just outside of Laramie Monday night.

Their 15 passenger tour van slid off the road after hitting an icy stretch of I-80 on a trip between Salt Lake City and Denver.

Only minor injuries were reported and all occupants of the vehicle were wearing their seat belt. Members of the band were treated for those minor injuries at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

Allison wrote on the band's Facebook page...

I heard Liam yell “Oh no” and I tried to go totally limp (I heard you’re supposed to do this instead of bracing yourself). The van hit the median and rolled twice, at least. Fear shot through my body. Here I was on my last day of tour with four incredible people who have dedicated their time and energy to back me up on stage every night, and in this moment I had no idea if they were okay. One by one we yelled to each other “Everyone alright?! Is everyone okay?!” My glasses were gone. I couldn’t see. I scrambled around completely blind as the snow came through the windows and I felt my head pounding. Someone found my wallet. My phone. My glasses. Pete’s phone. Liam’s laptop bag. All the doors were jammed but we got outside, and I immediately went back in to get everyone’s personal belongings. It all happened in about 30 seconds and the next thing I knew we were hustled across the highway to the cab of a semi truck that stopped to help.


The band's van nicknamed 'The Gator' is a total loss.  Currently the band is stranded in Laramie without transportation. They are graciously accepting donations through PayPal. Allison's record label 'No Sleep' is also donating all proceeds from album purchases toward recovery efforts.