An Albany County Judge has denied a request to delay the sentencing of a Laramie man who was recently convicted of a crime committed over 40 years ago.

A motion to continue the sentencing was made in the case of Lance David Bean, who stood trial last February for the murder and sexual assault of 20-year-old Sharon Reher in 1972. The jury found Bean guilty of Attempted Rape in that case, but did not say that Bean murdered Reher.

Bean’s sentencing was scheduled for May 26, approximately three and half months after his conviction.

Albany County District Judge Jeffrey Donnell noted that sentencing usually takes place about 60 days after a conviction, but this case was scheduled later at the request of Bean’s attorneys.

Defense Attorney Vaughn Neubauer argued that a presentence investigation recommended a psychosexual evaluation which could not be completed until June.

Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Stone objected to the request, telling Judge Donnell that at least 24 members of Reher’s family have confirmed that they plan to attend the hearing and have already made arrangements to do so. In some cases, family members have even purchased plane tickets, Stone said.

Stone confirmed to Judge Donnell that the presentence investigation did recommend the psychosexual evaluation. However, she said there is no requirement for it to be done before sentencing. Furthermore, she said the evaluation is recommended on most presentence investigations.

Judge Donnell also said that such a recommendation is on nearly every presentence investigation. He noted that Bean’s attorneys would have known and expected the recommendation, yet they did not inquire as to when it could be completed until two months after the conviction.

“I, quite frankly, do not think this evaluation is necessary for sentencing in this matter, and neither did probation and parole,” said Donnell.

Donnell told Neubauer that the defense already had nearly twice the normal amount of time to prepare for sentencing.

The request to continue the sentencing hearing was denied.

Sentencing is scheduled for May 26, 2015, at 4 p.m.