A benefit concert is being held in Laramie this weekend for Adlai Lemus, a young Laramie native who has captured the hearts of many Laramie residents.

Adlai is facing severe tracheal stenosis as well as enlarged kidneys, fused vertebre, fused ribs and a pulmonary artery sling.

Apart from crowd-source fundraising on the website you-caring, money is being raised for Baby Adlai this weekend with a concert in Laramie on the 15th.

"Some of our friends have put together this benefit, it's more of a concert," says Caroline Lopez, Adlai's mother.  "It will start at 5 and end at midnight at the Lincoln Community Center."

The concert will feature bands Bubba Tech, Blackwell, Motel Gallery, Mantha, as well as a special guest.

Admission for the June 15th concert and benefit is $10, food is provided with that. Beer will be served to those over 21 after 8:00 at $2 per beer.

Adlai's surgery is scheduled for later this month.