Summer is quickly approaching, and many parents may be looking for some fun activities for their kids while they are on vacation from school. Many families travel several miles and even to other states in search of family fun. There is not always a need to travel in order to find fun activities for the kids. The Laramie area offers many family friendly locations that are often friendly to your pocket book as well. This is a list of some of the top activities in Laramie for your children and the whole family.

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    LaPrelle Park

    Taking your kids to the park may be a cliché for family fun, but Laprelle Park on Spring Creek Drive has fun for the whole family. Children 13 and under can fish at Huck Finn Pond during the summer months. This is a great opportunity for children to learn how to fish in a safe environment. There is even a fishing derby at the pond every year. If fishing isn’t your thing, the park has a Frisbee golf course. This is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy for competition or just for fun. The park also has a play area for kids who would rather enjoy the traditional park experience.

    Courtesy of Adam Porter
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    Go Karts

    Go Kart racing is a fun activity for both children and adults. Wyoming Kart Racing is located on Stevenson Road south of Laramie. The karts can go up to 50 miles per hour. Don’t worry, though, the karts are adjusted according to the driver’s experience level. Races start at only $17 for members. Very young children may not be able to participate, however, as you have to be at least 54 inches tall to drive.

    Courtesy of Wyoming Kart Racing
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    Courtesy Laramie Community Recreation Center

    The Laramie Community Recreation Center is a great place for families to visit. Children of all ages can enjoy the pool which is loaded with a leisure pool, eight lane pool, lazy river, outdoor pool and even water slides. Parents can enjoy taking a dip in the pool, or can even work out in the gymnasium while their kids swim. The Recreation Center offers a variety of memberships and even day passes so you can choose a plan that allows you and your family to enjoy the center as much as you like.

    Courtesy of Laramie Community Recreation Center
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    Wyoming Territorial Prison

    The Wyoming Territorial Prison presents a great learning opportunity for families. You can do a self-tour of the prison with their brochure, or you can select to have a guide walk you around the prison and surrounding buildings. Photos of past inmates line the walls, and there are tons of signs with information of the history of the building, inmates and workers. The prison hosts several special events throughout the year, many of which are great for children. Butch Cassidy Days, which begin June 9th this year, provides many children activities and education all in one. A visit to the prison is very affordable at only $5 for adults and discounted rates for children.

    Courtesy of Adam Porter
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    House of Pounce

    Let’s face it, kids love bounce houses. Right here in Laramie we have a business centered around this idea. House of Pounce has two bounce houses inside with many toys to keep your child entertained. For only $5 your child can enjoy a full day at the House of Pounce. This is a great place for birthday parties or just for fun. House of Pounce is a great place to bring young children, and you will enjoy watching them have so much fun.

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