Halloween is always a special time for all kids as they set out to fill themselves full of sugar. However before any of that happens one critical component must be taken care of; the costume. For kids and parents alike this can actually be quite stressful because it has to turn out just right or risk being the one character at the party who one can identify correctly. Not to fear we are here with some ideas of different places you can go to pick out or put together the perfect costume. If you're having a tough time figuring out what to dress up as or what to dress the kids up as in the first place, a quick Google search can help rectify that problem. Once you have decided upon a costume idea here are our recommendations on places in Laramie to shop for the elements you will need. 

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    Big K-Mart

    In all reality #5, K-Mart, and #4 on our list, Wal-Mart, are pretty much a tie. Of course both stores are going to carry the typical pre-fabricated costumes that are set to be popular for the year. If you are looking for a Hannah Montana costume or something classic this might be the easiest way to go since it is one and done, but keep in mind that you are likely to run into dozens of other people with the same costume.

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    Wal-Mart takes the #4 spot on our list, beating out K-Mart, for a few specific reasons. In general Wal-Mart seems to carry a wider variety of seasonal items than K-Mart and tends to have more in stock. Wal-Mart also seems to carry more accessory type items to go along with your costume so you won't have to go looking somewhere else.

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    If you are going for more of a home-made Halloween costume than the next three places on our list are for you. The salvation army in downtown Laramie on 2nd street takes the #3 spot on our list. While the Salvation Army carries a large variety of items clothing happens to be one of them. If you don't want to spend a bundle check out their selection first and you may even be able to use some other random items from around the store in your wardrobe for the night.

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    Girls, this one is for you in particular unless of course someone plans to trick or treat as a cross dresser! Mimi's downtown on 2nd street takes the #2 spot towards the top of our list because the store is devoted to clothing and accessories for women. This is a consignment store so again you are probably looking to get some pretty good deals here. The store has everything from dresses and gowns to jewelry and hats; perfect for some creative costumes!

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    NU2U (New To You)

    NU2U is located in downtown Laramie on the corner of 1st and Custer; they take our number one recommendation for places to shop for the essentials to make a great Halloween costume. This store is much like Mimis (It is quite a bit dirtier though) except they have tons of clothing for both guys and gals. Again this is a thrift store so prices will be pretty reasonable ensuring that you don't have to spend a bundle. This store also has a good deal of accessory type items that you might need to complete the perfect look as well, so make sure to give them a visit!

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