For many of us, the conclusion of Thanksgiving has opened the doors to the gift-giving season. Some got the gift-purchasing out of the way on Black Friday, but others still have no idea what to get family and friends. While everyone has unique preferences of what gifts they might want to receive, and every family celebrates holidays in their own unique way, here are a few gift ideas to put in the stocking of someone dear to you this holiday season.

1. Oranges

Oranges are one of the best stocking stuffers for a few simple reasons: First- bright colors enhance the entire Christmas atmosphere, even if they aren’t red or green- what better color is there than the natural color of an orange? Secondly- most people wake up early and open presents on Christmas morning; oranges are a healthy breakfast and are a delicious treat, perfect to begin (or accompany) a strenuous day of opening gifts.

2. Candy

Much like the argument for oranges only without the health benefits- candy is enjoyed my most (if not all) and is something good to have throughout a busy Christmas day of gift opening. Conveniently, most candy manufacturers make small sizes of candy so you can put many in the stocking. What’s more is that there are entire aisles in grocery stores devoted to candy, so you can most assuredly get the preferred candy for anyone’s stocking!

3. Caribiner

Caribiners are a great gift in general- let’s just get that out there. They work great on keychains and might just be universally appreciated to have around. Climbers can use them- forgetful people can use them. This is something that perfectly fits in a stocking and is practical, just trust me on this and get it. (Available on

4. Screw-Driver

Here is another gift selected for its practicality. I was raised in a home where every room (among other things) had a Bible and a dictionary, very useful things. I plan to have a similar set-up in my home someday, but I also hope to have a screwdriver in each room. Ok- maybe not every room. All I’m trying to say is, screwdrivers come in handy. You can purchase small (stocking-sized) screwdrivers, and all-in-one screwdrivers with various heads of various sizes. The commercialized Christmas season is excessive enough- buy a few practical stocking stuffers this year.

5. Jewelry

Don’t say you didn’t see this one coming. This one is simple. Everyone likes jewelry (Maybe not all guys, but watches count as jewelry, and most guys appreciate a nice Rolex #justsayin). The rules for jewelry as a holiday gift are simple. If you can afford it, do it. Worth noting: Gold is at an all-time high, so if you can’t afford a $10,000 necklace, just buy a ring-pop. This works hand-in-hang with #2 on my list, and can still be romantic (maybe).

6. Gift Cards

Gift cards might be the most impersonal and thoughtless gifts that you can get anyone this holiday season. That being said- by no means does that mean gift cards are not well received. Many stores sell various gift cards with different designs, and to many of us purchasing gift cards, the question of how to wrap the card becomes a real issue. This is where the stocking comes in- gift cards fit perfectly in enlarged socks!

7. Toy Car

I don’t care what age I live to, I think I will always appreciate a cool toy car. Not plastic, I mean a real, steel, toy car. I may be stepping out on a limb, but I think a lot of guys are on the same wavelength here. We may not play with them all the time (or ever), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t loved. Here comes a gender stereotype, but similarly, a barbie doll should work for a girl. ”Why are Barbie dolls and toy cars suggested Top 10 Stocking Stuffer” you ask? Simple. Christmas is all about nostalgia, and few things bring back similar warming memories as the toys we grew up playing with. This Christmas, to re-kindle the flame of childhood, buy a childhood toy for your loved one- whether toy car or Barbie, if it fits in a stocking, it will be a hit!

8. More Candy

Stockings are big, long socks (in my home anyway); for full effect of your holiday candy, layer your candy. You can put a few treats on top, a few underneath a few small wrapped gifts, then a few at the bottom after a few more wrapped gifts. I can’t stress this enough- most people love candy. Also- most people love to splurge on holidays. Give the people what they want. Lots of candy is what the people want.

9. ”Around the House” Vouchers

Finally, something on the list that you do not have to buy! Unless you don’t currently own arts and crafts supplies including, but not limited to, construction paper, crayons or some other coloring device, tape, glue, staples, stapler. Anyway- vouchers. These are those cute (and useful) homemade form of currency that enable your loved one to make you willingly do things around the house. You can make vouchers for: “Good for 15 minutes of dusting,” “Good for taking out the trash,” “Good for shoveling the steps,” you get the idea. You can decorate these your own unique way, you can personalize these for whomever might be receiving them and you can make sure they fit perfectly into a stocking (since you will make them!) These are cute, personal, and beneficial to the well-being of your residency. Homemade Vouchers= Can’t Miss Gift.

10. Coal (Or a similar gag gift)

A few years ago, my sister (who as far as I know has never worked a grill) went out into the garage on Christmas Eve, found our bag of Kingsford and inserted one piece of Charcoal into a small plastic bag. She then stuffed the small bag (Charcoal inside) down to the very bottom of my stocking. Despite the gag being at my expense, the laugh shared by my family was quite substantial. This would not work for all families, as there may be members not quite old enough to appreciate the humor in coal. Coal is a wonderful gag gift, but make sure if you do this gag, you have a family member as cool as me, willing to be the butt of a joke. For some people, it can really bring them down on one of the happiest days of the year.

Christmas is a holiday that we each celebrate our own way (or not at all). Stockings are a regularly celebrated tradition, and these tips should be able to help you out. No matter what you do, what gifts you get, or how you celebrate the holiday, just remember to have fun, enjoy those around you, and that giving is always better than receiving.