When the founders of the education system in America were putting together the standard school year, they left the Summer open to make sure that children living in rural America and living on farms and ranches would be available to help their families.  Well, times have changed, but the schedule hasn’t.

Let’s face it, there are far less agrarian economies in America today, but, you still have all those public education kids being let out for the Summer.  Fair enough, but if they’re under a certain age, you’re going to have to find someone or somewhere to provide day-care.  Many are blessed with relatives and friends who can pick up the slack.  There are professional care-providers.  There are church-sponsored Vacation Bible Schools.

So, I was just kind of wondering if much has changed since I had to worry about day-care. One thing about a college town; it has a tendency to have younger couples with children needing daycare in the summer.  So, let us know what YOU think?

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