On February 18th we started asking for your opinion on who has the best veterinary clinic in all of Cheyenne.

With over 1,950 unique votes, it was one of our largest posts ever - so a huge thank you is in order to everyone who voted. We learned two things from this poll question: 1. Cheyenne people care a lot about their pets 2. Cheyenne people care a lot about the people taking care of their pets!

Here are the official results:

1. Cottonwood Pet Clinic 33.86%

2. Cheyenne Pet Clinic 33.2%

3. La Zoetry Pet Clinic 19.82%

4. Frontier Vet Clinic 5.01%

5. Tri State Vet Clinic 2.15%

6. Broadmoor East Vet Clinic 1.84%

7. Avenues Pet Clinic 1.58%

8. Dell Range Animal Hospital 1.43%

9. Yellowstone Animal Hospital 0.72%

(Voters could also fill in the answer to question. We received a handful of votes for Cactus Veterinary Clinic in Pine Bluffs.)