Adjustments to the downtown street dances mark more changes at Jubilee Days this year. The downtown street dances, which occur July 12th, 13th, and 14th, will be in a new location with more restrictions to open containers.

The street dances usually occur on the last days of the Jubilee Days celebration. The dances will begin at 8 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and at 5 p.m. on Saturday. While the dates of the dances have not changed, there are some big changes coming this year. The street dances will not actually take place in the streets of downtown Laramie. These events will take place in the parking lot south of Coal Creek Coffee.

According to event organizers, the change of location will make the street dances more family friendly, more connected to Jubilee Days and will allow for better parking at these events. Having the street dances in the parking lot allows vendors to be less spread out and will provide a better area for making public announcements with a sound system.

The change of venue should not have a great affect on the amount of people who can enjoy the street dances. The parking lot area is quite large, so event organizers say this should not limit the amount of space people have at these special Jubilee Days events.

Holding the dances in the parking lot will also prevent previous problems with limited downtown vehicle traffic. Many more streets will be open to vehicle traffic downtown than have been in the past. This year the only street closures will be on Garfield Street between First and Second Streets and on First Street from Grand to Garfield. These streets will be open to foot traffic, but no vehicle traffic will be permitted. Grand Avenue will also have one way only traffic heading east while the street dances are in progress.

Areas in and around the parking lot will be clearly marked, so no open containers are allowed outside of the designated areas.  Signs will be visible to remind people of the new open container limitations.

Some downtown businesses have filled out applications to have open containers in specific areas around their establishments. The Buckhorn Bar will have a fenced area allowing open containers outside on Friday and Saturday. The Crowbar and Grill will have an area for open containers outside their building on Friday night complete with a beer tent. Both establishments will only allow open containers within permitted areas.

The downtown street dances are a Jubilee Days tradition. Be sure to stop by at least one of the nights to celebrate and listen to great live music.