A little background here:  Amazon.com has been known as a site where you can pick up all kinds of books and publications.  But, lately, their business model has been expanding to include actually becoming a publishing house in their own right.  And now, they want to publish Billy Ray Cyrus' memoir.

The announcement came last Thursday that they are excited by the prospect of publishing his story.  The work will reportedly include his early career and the sometimes controversial association with his daughter's show, Hannah Montana.

There's sure to be plenty to read.  Amazon has made it quite clear that they are looking for "complete honesty" in the work.

Amazon continues to aggressively expand their publishing house with contracts already signed by Penny Marshall and actor James Franco. It's just business, of course, but Amazon has been notified by giant retailer Barnes and Noble would not stock any releases from Amazon.  That's another story, of course.

The working title for the book is Hillbilly Heart.  So, what do you think?  Is Billy Ray Cyrus' life story something you'd be willing to pay money to read?  Certainly, Amazon.com hopes so.  Stay tuned.  The company says it expects the book to hit the market sometime in the Spring of 2013.

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