By now, you know that Blake Shelton will be on the second season of  The Voice.  And by now, you know that he has chosen two powerful women in music to help him:  Kelly Clarkson and his wife, Miranda Lambert.  Just why he did might come as a surprise.  I know it surprised me.

It turns out that his biggest factor in the decision is because both Kelly and Miranda are alumni of reality talent searches. 

With all the incredible success and fame that has come Miranda's way of late, it might be possible to forget that she first gained notice on Nashville Star.  Miranda competed on that show and didn't win.  She didn't even place second.  Nope.  Miranda came in third in the competition.

And, according to Blake, that kind of intimate knowledge on how the whole process works, and the myriad of emotions involved with winning and losing, is something Miranda and Kelly can help with in their mentoring duties.  Keeping the contestants grounded can only contribute to their success.

Of course, Kelly Clarkson won the first ever American Idol.  Miranda "lost" on Nashville star.  However, both ladies are a wealth of talent and experience and that is exactly what Blake says he's looking for.

Well, whatever happens on the show, we won't have to wait for very much longer.  The second season of The Voice will air after the Super Bowl Season on Sunday, February 5 with another episode airing February 6.

It's going to be fun to see how much the show has changed and how much it's going to stay the same in season two.  Can't wait.

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