So, everybody knows that Brad Paisley is a pretty fair singer and guitar player.  But, it turns out that Brad also has a soft spot in his heart for the great American author, humorist and philosopher, Samuel Langhorn Clemens (better known to literary fans as Mark Twain).  Now, it just so happens that Brad has been given an opportunity to show his respect.

There's a new CD out there called Mark Twain: Words & Music.  On that CD is a cut called Huck Finn Blues performed by our friend Brad.

 The 2 CD set benefits the Mark Twain Museum and presents Twain's life through spoken word and song.   If you would like to order it, check out Amazon here.

I was really interested in this story, because, like Mr. Paisley, I happen to be a real fan of one of the best writers in American History.  This CD offers a great collection of talent, both musical and spoken word.  And the artists who have signed on are a compliment to the man, in my opinion.

Those appearing on the CD, in addition to Brad include Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Buffett, Garrison Keillor, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris and many more.

So, check it out my friends.  I think you'kk find it a fascinating collection.  And, like i said, it benefits a very nice museum dedicated to a very great man.

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