Well, now, just hold on a sec.  They both are potential nominees.  That decision will be made in late January.  But, how cool would it be for both of these gentlemen to be nominated for the very biggest award in Hollywood?

And just to put this potential honor in perspective, over 3 dozen additional songs are up for the consideration for nominations.

A little background here:  Brad Paisley wrote and recorded a song called Collision of Worlds for the soundtrack of Cars 2.  Zac Brown is up for consideration because of his Where the River Goes for the recent remake of Footloose.  That song is from the soundtrack and was co-written by Wyatt Durette, Drew Pearson and Anne Preven.  Zac was the one who recorded the song.

So, are Zac and Brad potential recipients of Oscars?  We won't know the full list of nominees until the official announcement on January 24, 2012.  The Academy Awards will be handed out on February 26, 2012 live from the Los Angeles Kodak Theater.

I'm sure I join with millions of other country fans in hoping these talented (and just plain good guys) are honored by these nominations.  Stay Tuned.

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