Freedom of speech.  Freedom of the press.  Fredom of  religion.   Freedom to assemble peacefully.  Freedom to petition the government for redress.  The First Amendment to the Constituion of the United States is a personal favorite of mine.  After all, If it weren't for Freedom of Speech, There would be times I couldn't do what I want on my show.  Turns out entertainers are also pretty fond of the First.  One of them put his time where his mouth is.

Brad Paisley has joined forces with a national movement in association with Vanderbilt University to spread the word about how truly important this bedrock of freedom really is.

The program is called  1 for All

Brad recently appeared in Parade Magazine in an ad headlined, "FREE to play, to sing, to speak, to write".  

"Thanks to the First Amendment, you can be whoever and whatever you want to be," the caption reads.

Joining Brad are John Mellencamp and Mary Chapin Carpenter.  Actor Martin Sheen is also onboard praising the Amendment.  The iniative is designed to spread the word that every American is served by the freedoms enumerated in the Constitution.  Everyone benefits, regardless of faith, race gender or political leaning.

"Freedom is what makes America great," Brad said back in May, when he news of his involvement with 1 for All first broke. "I count myself blessed to live in a country where I can exercise that right every day, whether I'm writing, recording or performing."

Thank goodness that this movement is afoot.  In a time when freedom is being defended around the world by the finest military ever, it's really, really (REALLY) important for the people of The United States to understand just how free they are.  I know it seems like a no-brainer, here, but if we are not reminded of the freedoms we have, simply by the grace of being born an American, we are in danger of losing them.  That's just a fact.

Again  the website is calle 1 for All.  And I think you need to take a look.

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