Brad Paisley is in the midst of a book tour.  That's right.  I said book tour.  His autobiography Diary of A Player, which relates his long-time love of music and the guitar is out and he's hitting the talk shows to publicize it.

The episode aired last Thursday on Comedy Central   and Brad took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the book.  "First of all, this is about guitar,” Brad Paisley told Jon Stewart.  

“I figure we have done such a fantastic job of teaching kids how not to play the guitar with ‘Guitar Hero,’” he pointed out with a laugh. “And then, on top of that, in this country we’re doing a fantastic job of teaching them how not to read as well, so this kills two birds with one stone.”

In the interview Brad talks about his days way back when on the Wheeling Celebration’ with country greats and his time as an intern at ASCAP

One of the more memorable passages in the book relates to advice he received from his father.  Apparently, Brad was a cute little kid.  But he wasn't THAT good of a guitar player.  His father is quoted in the book as telling his son, “You don’t have to be excellent right now, and that’s fantastic, but someday you’re not gonna be that cute.’

I have to admit, I haven't read the book yet.  Just too busy pretending I know how to run a radio show.  But, I am looking forward to setting some time aside and reading it.  If Brad is half the writer that he is a guitar player, it should be a heck of a read.

You can catch Brad live on tomorrow night's coverage of the CMA's.  He'll be hosting it along with the lovely and talented Carrie Underwood on ABC.

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