Brad Paisley has a pretty respectable resume' when it comes to adding his tunes and talents to movies.  You can hear his work in the two Cars movies, for instance.  Now comes word out  of Nashville that his wife may be in line for a TV movie and Brad might be asked to provide some songs for it.

Brad's wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley is working on a movie for TNT.  There isn't even a working title for the film, but Both Brad and his wife are hoping the project comes to pass.  There is a rumor that the film will be based in music city.

“[Kimberly] is working on a show for TNT that will be really cool if it comes to pass, which it's looking really good so far so we'll see. All I'm doing in that is music," Brad told reporters after a recent No. 1 party in Nashville.

Kimberly has some serious acting chops, having appeared in a number of fine films including Father of the Bride (one and two)  and it's hoped the project will be a successful addition to the TNT line-up later this year or perhaps early in 2012.

Brad is excited about the project and the ability to work on the score for the film.  He's been quoted as saying how much he enjoys the way music sets the mood in any fild, comedy or drama. "With music, you can make it feel right, you can make it feel like this town [Nashville]. As opposed to some [Los Angeles] producer saying, ‘Make it sound like Nashville.’ Well it never does, we all know that. If you’ve seen the end of 127 Hours [a biographical adventure film released in 2010], there's this montage where there's no talking, it's all music. Play that on mute sometime,” says Brad. “What would be fun for me is having some hand in the music of a show like that where you create a mood that's not there without the music.”

Again, no more details on working schedule or when the movie might air.  But we'll keep you informed and will be keeping our eyse out for this collaboration from a very, very talented couple.

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