How we do this:

Each week Y95 Country will pick two artists or groups to go head to head in voting by our listeners.  We’re just trying to stir it up a little.  One important note.  We deliberately chose video’s that were just images.  We feel the songs should stand on their own, and the voter should NOT be influenced by the production value of any video.

Amy's Song - Brent Anderson

This is a really sweet little song.  I especially enjoyed the homage to The Pure Prairie League's "Amie".  Nice play on words and a really nice, gentle voice on Brent Anderson.    Take a listen and see what you think about Amy' Song.

This Ole Boy - Craig Morgan

What's not to like about Craig Morgan.  In this song, This Ole Boy, Craig celebrates not only the lovely lady about to enter his life (hopefully) but also just how luck he is for just having the opportunity.  Nice, up-beat set from Mr. Morgan.

So Vote Now!