"You've probably never heard of Buford, Wyoming," That's how NBC's Ann Curry introduced a segment on the town during Tuesday morning's Today Show. Lucky for us, we have heard of Buford! In fact, many residents of Southeast Wyoming drive past Buford several times a week, occasionally even stopping to get some gas or just to chat with Buford's only citizen, Don Sammons.

Sammons was visited by NBC's Lee Cowan who, like many others around the country, just can't resist stopping in the town with a population of one. Plenty of country songs have been written about one-horse towns, who knows, maybe Buford will find its way into a song about a one-man town.

Check out the segment below. Be sure to look for Joe LeBlanc around the 2:20 mark. I bet Cowan had no idea he would encounter a three-time All-American wrestler in little 'ol Buford, but is only 24 miles away from the University of Wyoming.