The American Heritage Center in Laramie is holding a “Name the Tribble” contest, in commemoration of  American Archives Month.

For the uninitiated, tribbles were an alien race of fur balls that made an appearance in a fan-favorite episode of the 1960′s television show Star Trek.  In the show, the tribbles, although endearing as pets, also multiplied at an alarming speed and soon occupied every nook and cranny of the Starship Enterprise, hence the episode’s name The Trouble With Tribbles.

A tribble prop from the original Star Trek set was one of may items donated to the University of Wyoming by science-fiction scholar Forrest J Ackerman decades ago.  Ackerman was an avid collector of science fiction literature and memorabilia.

The American Heritage Center is asking people to submit names for the tribble as a contest in commemoration of American Archives Month.  Entries can be emailed to with “Tribble Contest” and the entrant’s name in the subject line.  The deadline for submissions is October 22nd.

The American Heritage Center is the University of Wyoming’s repository of manuscripts collections, rare books, and the university archives.  The AHC is among the largest non-governmental archives in the nation.

And here are the tribbles in action: