Carrie Underwood is proud of her hometown of Checotah, OK.  She’s made it a point to try as much as possible to give back to the place where she was raised.  Her latest is her effort along with other volunteers to build a playground for the local school system.

Our friends at CMT report that she had plenty of company; more than 200 friends and volunteers.  She was even joined by her mom, Carole.

 Almost three years ago Carrie formed C.A.T.S, Checotah Animal, Town and School Foundation.  That partnership is dedicated to other projects just like this one.  The group also reportedly teamed up with the playground buliders KaBoom!

 "We had the most amazing day putting together something truly special for the kids and the community," Carrie said. "I'm so proud that so many volunteered their time to be here today."

The project was more than just putting up a swing set and a couple of tether ball poles.  There was also landscaping, including planting, painting and the assembly of pieces of playground equipment.  While it was a major project, the whole thing reportedly took less than eight hours to complete.

 In music news for the star, Carrie is currently working on her fourth studio album.  Carrie recently let it be known that the album is about half-way done. 

 It’s always nice to see someone who is cognizant of just how fortunate they are.  And it’s also nice to see famous people giving back to their communities or devoting their time to worthy causes.  Here’s a big shout out for Miss Underwood and her C.A.T.S foundation.  I’m sure there will be many opportunities for Carrie to contribute to worthy caused in the future.  Stay Tuned.

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