Cow Camp Fire Grows to 3,500 Acres – UPDATES
On Monday morning, the Cow Camp fire about five miles southeast of Laramie Peak was burning nearly 100 acres. Last night, the fire was up to 1,500 acres. Today, that same fire has grown to 3,500 burning acres.
The wildfire was triggered by lightning over the weekend and its exponential growth has bee…
Miranda Lambert Admits She Carries a Weapon for Protection
Miranda Lambert is one bada– broad (we mean that lovingly) that you do not want to cross. Why? Because much like the protagonist of her smash ‘Gunpowder and Lead,’ she carries a weapon. It may not be a shotgun, as the lyrics proclaim, but make no mistake — Lambert is armed. The reason she guns up? S…
Taylor Swift Responds to Sick Teen’s Prom Request
You might recall that a few weeks ago, Taylor Swift was asked to prom by high school student Devin Whitney from Aurora, Colo. But this wasn’t a standard prom invite. Devin suffers from a rare disease called Oto-Palatal-Digital Syndrome (OPD), which affects his body from head to toe.
Is Facebook Ruining Marriages?
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently got married — but ironically, he may want to keep his new wife off the social media site he founded. A new survey shows divorce cases mentioning Facebook are on the rise.

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