Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Ellen Barkin

Age: 58

Occupation: Actress

Known For: Film roles in ‘Diner,’ ‘Sea of Love’ and ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ her former marriage to actor Gabriel Byrne, and having a hilariously profane Twitter feed

Jon Cryer

Age: 47

Occupation: Actor

Known For: His iconic role as Duckie in the 1986 John Hughes movie ‘Pretty in Pink’ and his Emmy-winning work as Alan Harper on the sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’

Bobby Vinton

Age: 76

Occupation: Singer

Known For: His nickname “the Polish Prince,” dozens of Top 40 hits including the No. 1 singles ‘Roses Are Red (My Love),’ ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘Mr. Lonely,’ and being the namesake of the Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet Theatre in Branson, Missouri

Peter Garrett

Age: 59

Occupation: Singer and Politician

Known For: Being the frontman for the Australian rock band Midnight Oil, known for songs like ‘Beds Are Burning’ and ‘Blue Sky Mine,’ and later going on to a career in politics, holding offices such as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, and Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth

Martin Lawrence

Age: 47

Occupation: Actor and Comedian

Known For: Movies including the ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Big Momma’s House’ film franchises, TV series like ‘What’s Happening Now!!’ and ‘Martin,’ and several very public episodes of erratic behavior